Check out a few sounds with slider box controls:


Animated Interactive Sounds for Web apps

(and a WebAudio-based library for building new ones)

aiSound API

How to use aiSounds in your apps

Just import the sound factory (locally or from the cloud), create an instance of the sound, then use the aiSound API to make some noise:
  • play()
  • release()
  • stop()

  • setParam([name -or- number],val)
  • setParamNorm([name -or- number], val)
And if you need info, you can also use:
  • getParam([name, number], ["name", "type", "val", "normval", "min","max"])
  • getNumParams()
  • getAboutText();

Demo applications

Easily incorporating interactive audio into your JavaScript code is what it's all about.

FM Mouse

The simplest. Mouse clicks for start and stop, mouse move for sound parameters.

FM Tree

An SVG tree and aiSound Sliders are the interface for setitng FM synthesis carrier/modulator ratios.

Stretched Keyboard

An SVG piano keyboard interface to ssstttrrretchable pitches and harmonics. Also demonstrates the use of the polyWog object for creating polyphonc aiSounds.

Swoosh arrow

A flying arrow drives the aiSound swish sound parameters.

Creating new sounds with the aiSound Library

How to build sounds that expose that sweet API for apps


See all the sound examples in the www/aiSounds directory.

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